All my life I have been fascinated by the human body. I seem to have an innate curiosity about these mysterious machines that carry us through life.  My interest has been expressed through athletics, art and dance. And now bodywork.

     In the 80's, as a teen, I began my fitness journey with intense workouts, including aerobics and running. I soon moved on to strength training, where I became hooked. I had found my home where I would spend several days nearly every week for years working on my strength, shape, discipline and determination. I spent some of those years as a competitive bodybuilder. My last competition was in 1995.

     During this time I was also an artist. I spent many hours in drawing studio learning to see the human form and attempting to translate it to paper. I also made my living as a graphic designer for over 20 years. I spent far too many hours at the computer without the knowledge that I have today about how to care for my back and shoulders adequately. I discovered yoga and massage towards the end of that career, which helped to relieve the pain.

     I also love to social dance, with my favorite dance being West Coast Swing. Through dance I've learned about body movement — moving from the core, keeping hands and arms relaxed, and letting the feet and legs move freely, as well as learning the feel of good pacing, timing and rhythm. Those descriptions are part of what makes good dance form, but it is also a description of good body mechanics for practicing massage. When I tell people that I see some similarities between West Coast Swing and Massage, they don't get it. But if they knew how it felt to do both, they would understand.

     These experiences have formed my perspective on body work: watching bodies move in the gym, learning which muscles do what, and feeling every muscle in my body as I trained and sculpted mine. Learning to see the body through art, I have some visual understanding of anatomy. And through dance, learning where balance and movement come from. I have also felt what it is like to sit at the computer for hours, days and years and what that does to a body. These experiences are combined with training from Cortiva School of Massage, and ongoing education with some of the top instructors of massage.  I bring empathy and a physical understanding to my clients that allow me insight as to what they are feeling and needing, with the hope that we may experience health and healing.


massage experience

I have extensive experience working with Business Professionals, helping them to recover from the pain and strains of working at a desk job. I offer relief from pain through massage, as well as self care advice to help create consistent wellness.

I also work with Athletes and Elite Fitness Enthusiasts, focusing on recovery from workouts and injury.

I continue to further my education and skill level through regular Continuing Education classes in massage focusing on Muscle Specific Deep Tissue work, Thai Massage, and Deep Lomi.


Studio M, Private Practice: Current

PRO Sports Athletic Club Seattle, 2013-2015

Massage Therapist, Harbor Square Athletic Club: August 2012 - September 2013

Massage Therapist, Gene Juarez Salons and Spas, November 2011 – June 2012

Graduated Cortiva School of Massage: 2011


personal experience

Power Lifting and Competitive Bodybuilding

West Coast Swing Dancing

Ongoing health and fitness practices, including Yoga

Always taking care of my beloved pups, Luke and Stella.

what my clients are saying


“[Bonnie] did a very nice combination of relaxation massage and shoulder [treatment]”  August 7, 2011


“[I appreciated] the intuitive way Bonnie felt for what to massage and how she addressed the tender areas.”  June 12, 2011


“[Bonnie] listened to my wants and needs, and told me what I can do to help myself. She is really a good masseuse! Made me feel extremely comfortable.”   June 18, 2011


“She did a wonderful job, remembered my areas of tension/concern form previous session. Very thoughtful. Great technique.” July 31, 2011



“I would recommend [Bonnie] to anybody.”

June 11, 2011


“I have received many massages in my life, and this was the best one.”  September, 2012

Bonnie R Skewes LMP, NCBTMB



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