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DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Muscle specific massage that focuses on an area that needs relief from pain, tension, or tightness. Using various deep tissue techniques, pain is relieved.

RELAXATION MASSAGE: Provides a more general approach to healing, using long, gliding strokes at a slow pace. With rhythmic motion, it feels like the ebb and flow of the sea.  Stress is reduced, circulation improved and blood pressure lowered. The body and mind relax and are able to release pain and tension.

All massages include luxury treatments such as warm towels, aromatherapy, soft sheets, ultra comfy heated table, and a warm blanket

Relaxing Deep Tissue

This massage begins with a warm heat pack on your back and shoulders
to help muscles soften and relax. Specific muscles are targeted in the body using various deep tissue and relaxation techniques to help relieve stress and tension. There may be tender areas where the muscles are tight, but pressure and technique can be adjusted to suit your comfort level. Leave feeling relaxed, with relief from pain and tension.


Extra Gentle Deep Tissue

Long gliding strokes with light to medium pressure are used to relieve pain and tightness gently. This massage increases oxygen in the blood, decreases muscle toxins and improves circulation and lymph flow, while decreasing stress and tension. Leave feeling relaxed and renewed.


Ultra Relaxation

Warm oil, hot towels, and long graceful strokes will have you melting into the massage table.  Long strokes with light to medium pressure are used to leave you feeling relaxed and lavishly pampered.


Yoga Massage

Inspired by a 2500 year old Thai massage tradition, yoga massage focuses on passive stretching and compressions. Your body is moved through a series of stretching positions based on yoga. This massage is just as relaxing as a deep tissue massage, with slow pacing and rhythmic movements. Effective for improving flexibility and range of motion.



Aromatherapy, using 100% essential oils, is used as an inhalant during most massages. Topical aromatherapy is available upon request.





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