when you arrive

Walk through the door of studio m, and leave the world behind. The front area is a welcoming space for you to begin to change the focus of your mind. Take a deep breath, relax and begin to let tension go.  Enjoy a cup of tea or water. We will discuss what your goals are for your massage, and discuss what type of treatment will be best for you that day. Once in the treatment area, I'll leave you alone for a few minutes to prepare for the massage. You may undress to your own comfort level. Most people will be nude under the sheet and blanket, others are more comfortable leaving underwear on. During the massage, only the body part being worked on will be exposed. I respect your level of modesty and will accommodate your needs.


treatment room

The treatment area is designed with your comfort in mind. Warm and softly lit, with music to help relax your mind, it is a place where you can make time and space in your day for wellness. Let your body sink into the thick cushioning on the warm massage table, and experience the sensation of healing touch. I have only one treatment room, and one client at a time, so my focus can be entirely on you.


after massage

I will leave you in the treatment room to dress and regroup after the massage. You are encouraged to take your time. I plan plenty of time between sessions so that  you will never feel rushed. Leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to continue your day.



I use only high quality plant based oils that are beneficial for your skin. The oils are absorbed into the skin, providing nutrients and healing. They provide moisture and Vitamin E, both essential for healthy tissue. Your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and revitalized.

it must be mentioned....

Studio m provides spa style therapeutic massage for health and healing.
Full release massages are not provided.


your comfort is essential